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Finding My Voice.


Finding My Voice is an engaging autobiographical account of the intriguing journey a Zambian-born young man who ventured on to become one of the most celebrated voiceover artists in Africa.

Chilu Lemba’s compelling coming-of-age story offers readers an insider’s view of not only his hardships and victories but also Zambia’s during the ’80s and ’90s. His written voice is as distinctive as his verbal voice – authentic, expressive, funny and thought-provoking.

It is the personal and honest reflection of a life lived as a mischievous child, an actor, a music writer and performer, a radio presenter, a radio station manager and finally, a voice.

About The Author

Chilu Lemba

Chilu has two decades of experience as a voiceover artist. Having started his career when voice was recorded onto analog reel tapes, he’s consolidated his place as an in demand artist, even in the era of Digital Audio Workstations.

From intimate narration of company training videos where staff use headphones to listen in, to his voice filling stadiums and auditoriums at events such as the Africa Cup of Nations opening ceremony, the Kora All Africa Music Awards or the CNN/ Multichoice Africa Journalist of the Year Awards, his strong voice lends a sense of warmth and sincerity to countless projects annually.

Chilu is in the league of artists whose voices are heard daily across the continent bringing radio commercials, television episodes and public announcements to life.


An undistilled coming-of-age story, Finding My Voice is as raw as it is sincere, a narrative that contrasts the author’s own experience as much as it offers glimpses into the changing landscape that formed him. It is an unabashed, hard-hitting, blow-by-blow account that takes the reader on a journey through the blissful naivety of youth to the sobriety of experience brought on much too soon in life.

For some, this is a nostalgic walk through the times of Zambia from the chaotic austerity of the ’80s to the heady promise of capitalism in the ’90s. For all, it is a fitting exposé of light and shade that moves the reader from scenes of hopelessness to the spirit of resolve and triumph both for the country and the young man who would rise from unforgiving circumstances to become one of Africa’s most recognisable voices.

– Max Williams

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Finding My Voice


“At its core, this is a simple tale of a young boy finding his voice while growing up in a country that was finding its feet.”

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